Thursday, January 08, 2009

Dog Fight

A little background, first. As I have mentioned many times, A and her husband have two 60+ pound dogs and five cats. They live in a small two bedroom duplex which barely has enough room for them and their furry babies. Into this mix, A's in-laws decided to bring their two dogs for A and hubby to babysit while they were in Nevada for 11 days. A couldn't REALLY say no, as the in-laws always watch A's dogs whenever they go out of town. The difference is, the in-laws live on a farm and have a lot of room for the dogs to run. Plus, their house is MUCH bigger and DOESN'T house a lot of animals. A wasn't looking forward to the babysitting duties, but had to put up with it.

First thing that happened when the dogs got to A's, the puppy--oh, yeah, one of the in-laws' dogs is a puppy--peed all over the house. She hasn't mentioned how often this has happened over the last 8 days, but I could imagine it is quite often--A and her husband both work and are out of the house 10-12 hours every day. A lot of time for a puppy to do a lot of damage. Both dogs have been terrorizing the cats to no end--one of the cats won't eat because her food dish is not where it is usually. (The dish has to be put 'somewhere else' cause the dogs will eat the food instead.) All in all, a stressful time in A's household. Then came Tuesday night.

Sometime around 9:00 PM, I got a text message from A. (I didn't know it at the time, but they were either AT or on their way to the clinic with their female dog.) It seems that the older of the in-laws' dogs and A's female got into a fight and the female was hurt. As it turned out, Shelby--A's dog--had to have one tooth pulled, one tooth capped and her chin stitched up. All I know is that A was out by herself with all four dogs when the fight broke out. A couldn't do much to stop it, as she had to restrain her male dog to keep him from being the 'third dog in.' Needless to say, A is not a happy camper.

Shelby will probably be fine--she is in a lot of pain and they have to watch her closely. There still is the possibility of infection and the capped tooth may need a root canal or will need to be pulled. A said she can't wait for Sunday--and the day can't come fast enough for her! Kids and animals: can bring joy, but can also bring a lot of problems!


meleah rebeccah said...

This makes me very happy to be a Pet-Free person.

cmk said...

One cat is MORE than enough for me!