Monday, June 22, 2009

Hurting Or Just Pissed?

I found out, via Facebook, that my one and only goddaughter got confirmed today. Obviously, if I found out by reading FB, I was not informed personally. Our goddaughter posted the message as her status update, so it wasn't even aimed toward me. This is The Brother's youngest. Wow. This just goes to show exactly how much The Brother and his Wife hate me and K. But, I think what hurts me the most is that I am sure my Oldest lied to me. I called and mentioned the confirmation and she said she knew nothing about it till SHE read it on FB. She lives about ten miles from The Parents and The Brother. The Mother tells everyone every little bit of minutiae there is to tell, so there is NO WAY this was not passed on to C.

I have a very special necklace that I am going to give to our goddaughter--it was given to me on MY confirmation day. I'm not sure HOW I will present it, but I need to think of some way to let The Family know how pissed off I am. Any suggestions would be welcome.


Ranger Tom said...

I think a little of both. My best friend then my sister got married in Las Vegas, all while I was still living in Arizona only a two hour dirve from there, and niether one told me there were even there.

First I was hurt, then I was pissed.

It does pass though.

Ranger Tom said...

They I meant.

meleah rebeccah said...

I dont even know what to say. That was such a terrible thing. Im literally at a loss for words.

cmk said...

Saw the goddaughter today and gave her the gift. In the card I apologized for it being late because I didn't know about her 'big day' in time. I'm sure what I meant will NOT be lost on The Brother and his wife. But, I will never know about it. :/