Saturday, June 06, 2009


As I am writing this, in a little more than four hours, the puck will drop for game 5 of the Finals. For all intents and purposes, this is make or break time for the Wings. If they lose tonight, the chances aren't great that they will win the Cup this year. And I am not sure they have it in them to win. They are tired, beat-up, and frustrated as hell. And things won't change anytime soon.

The Wings can beat the Penguins any day of the week and twice on Sunday--as long as they are playing on a level field (rink ;)). But, they have not had any time to rest and revive before going into this series. And it has shown. The Wings had to play and beat MUCH stronger teams than the Penguins just to get this far, and they are tired. Besides, Datsyuk has been injured and hasn't played since the Chicago series--and he has been missed.

Thankfully, Datsyuk will be in the line-up tonight. However, because he has missed so many games, it is hard to say how much good he will be. I'm hoping just the fact he will be playing will give a boost to the team--it couldn't hurt, I don't think. In less than 7 seven+ hours, we'll know.

I'm sure this post sounds very haphazard and disjointed--as my brain is at this time. I can't think of much else, other than the game. This SHOULD be the Wings year, but it just may not happen.

I guess I needed to write this as I write a pessimistic post every time I feel down. I'm not too hopeful that this year the Wings will win number 12. And I WILL be seriously depressed if it doesn't happen. I take that back--while I will be sad because the Wings don't win, I will be devastated because this would mean that The Boy will get his name on the Cup. And I will consider this as bad--if not worse--than Anaheim being on it. He doesn't deserve it--at least not yet--and I couldn't handle it. I'm sure this blog will go dark for awhile if I see The Boy awarded the Cup--it just will be too hard for me to go on.

The Wings have put on quite a show this year--especially in the post-season. When compared to their regular season, they have done more than a lot of people thought they would. I am a loyal Red Wing fan and will be always. I appreciate the players, the organization, and all of the entertainment I have had watching them. If they don't do it this year, then there is always next year. That being said, I am already anticipating my depression. :(

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Ranger Tom said...

Again, I've got my fingers and toes crossed...