Sunday, June 14, 2009

Let's Get Ready To Ramble

For the most part, I seem to be doing okay after Friday. However, today isn't quite as good of a day as yesterday was--I find myself tearing up for no reason at all. This whole thing hurt very, very badly and won't be better any time soon.


I STILL am obsessing over my neighbor's lawn ornaments. She continues to take them into the garage every night. As I have said WAY too many times, I REALLY need a life!!!


Because of the 'discovery' yesterday, I am now re-thinking the amount of food the cat has been eating. I wonder if we caught all of the mice that have been running around. Got to stop thinking about this--I feel itchy and have the willies all at once!


Looks like we will be getting summer after all. This entire week should see temps around 70 degrees. It can't end fast enough for me. The warm weather, that is. :-/


We STILL haven't gotten any planting done. But, the temps haven't been real helpful in terms of gardening, either. K is now going to be off for almost 10 days, so things should get done. I will NOT go the entire summer without tomatoes from our garden!


Looks like we may be doing a road trip this weekend. We haven't done an over nighter but once since coming home from Florida, so it is time. I only hope it won't be too hot to enjoy myself!


Five weeks into the Enbrel therapy and all seems to be going well. I still say that, overall, my skin has improved 75%. I don't have 75% CLEARING, but some areas ARE free of psoriasis. I continue to have injection site reactions, but the doctor said they will diminish and there is no reason for me to stop using the Enbrel. If things continue as they are, I WILL have massive areas of clear skin by the three month mark. At least, I hope so!


There are less than two months till I reach my ten year anniversary of quitting smoking. And I think I now know what I will get myself as a gift: a smart phone! My youngest and her husband have Blackberry Pearls and love them to death, so that is a possibility. However, ATT has the Nokia E71x and I WANT!

I have never had anything BUT a Nokia, so this would satisfy me. Also, I REALLY miss my Palm and this would be a nice replacement. I will have to think about this--I do have time. BUT, I'm pretty sure I will own this phone two months from now.


meleah rebeccah said...

Okay, I have to back track here and find out what happened on Friday to find out WHY you are upset.

I think your neighbor has O.C.D.!

If I even think about mice I will FREAK out.

Why don't you like WARM weather?

Fresh Tomatoes RULE!

I do hope you have a nice time if you take that road trip.

And CONGRATS on 10 years w/o smoking! Get yourself that new phone!

cmk said...

By now I'm sure you realize that Friday was one of the darkest days of my life: the Wings lost the Cup in the 7th game of the Finals--by one goal.

Yeah, my neighbor has OCD, but I must have problems, too, for this to consume so much of my time! :D

I don't think we are through with the mice. :(

I don't like warm weather for two reasons: 1) I can't regulate my body temp--I am ALWAYS warm/hot. Doesn't matter what time of the year--and it gets worse in the summer. 2) Having psoriasis, I was not able to dress weather appropriate, so I couldn't even wear short sleeves to help ward off the heat.

I can't WAIT for the tomatoes!

And I believe the phone is a done deal--at least in my mind.

Ranger Tom said...

Anal Retentive is all I can say about the lawn ornaments... And I'm really glad to hear that Embril is working for you!

cmk said...

I guess I really should go and 'welcome her to the neighborhood'--even though she's been here almost a year--and find out just WHAT her problem is with those damn things! :D

I'm really happy with the results of the Enbrel and can only hope that I continue to improve. I have a history of having meds quit being effective, so...