Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Getting Ready...

I think the next few days around here will be fun...NOT!! We are under a snow and blowing snow advisory for tonight and tomorrow and then it turns into an winter storm warning sometime tomorrow afternoon. They are predicting from 8-10 inches of snow 1oo miles north of us--where my oldest daughter lives. I really don't think it should be so bad in our city--I hope--because we live on the shore of Lake Superior and it tends to protect us from some of the storms. We'll just have to wait and see.

I have to get up from here shortly and start the day. First, I have an appointment with the orthodontist. He STILL wants to see me every 1-3 months--this after having the braces off for well over a year. I think he just likes to look at the teeth and pat himself on the back--after all, he NEVER expected such good results! Then, it is off to the grocery store and Wal Mart--if we are getting a storm, I have to lay in supplies. For some reason or other, I have a NEED to get to the grocery store every time there is a winter storm warning--as if we will DIE of starvation before we can leave the house again. Actually, both K and I could live off of our respective fat reserves for many days and still have only wasted away to normal before we eat again! Oh well, just another one of my crazy quirks. I think it probably stems from the days I was a smoker--heaven FORBID I ran out of cigs during a snow storm! There would have been hell to pay. :)


Red said...

Oh, I remember the cig-stock-up-for-the-snow runs..

Get loads of TP... :)

Cindi said...

Oh my...snow already? I am the same way about hurrying to the store when a bad snow storm is on the forecast. I am so not looking forward to winter time. That picture you put up is very pretty!

Don't feel any pressure but I tagged you over at my place. ;-)

cmk said...

Red: Had to laugh about the TP: while we were in WalMart, K asked if we needed any! Even though we didn't need, we bought some. :)

Cindi: Yes, that pic sure is pretty--wish I had taken it! LOL! It sure looks like what we see here many times during the winter.

I will put up my answers to the meme sometime in the next few days.