Friday, October 20, 2006

Smiles All Around

Today I got phone calls from BOTH of the girls--and it sure was nice.

First off, the youngest daughter called to tell me about two of the patients she had a chance to meet today. As anyone knows who has been reading this blog for awhile, she works at a vet clinic--actually, she now works at TWO clinics, both part time--so the patients we are talking about are animals. Now, before I go any further I have to say this, I am a BIG fan of the sitcom 'Newhart'--the one where Bob Newhart is the owner of an inn in Vermont--and my favorite characters in the show were the brothers Larry, Darryl, and Darryl. I won't go into the show or the characters, so if you have never seen 'Newhart,' you won't have a clue as to what I will be talking about. Sorry. Anyway, YD got to meet Larry and Darryl today: two twenty pound cats. She said they were EXACTLY like the characters from the show: Larry wouldn't stop 'talking' and Darryl--according to his people--has NEVER said a word! She said their personalities fit their names, also: Larry is very gregarious and Darryl has nervousness issues. She said the people are on the hunt for one more cat, another Darryl! Too funny.

The oldest daughter called a short while after I talk to YD and had this story to tell me. Seems as if the 2-year-old, the boy, got into the pantry and took a can of powdered baby formula. He proceeded to dump it on the floor. He got punished. OD started cleaning up the mess and when she got the formula into a pile, the boy walked into the room, looked at the mess, put his hand on his head and said, "Oh, shit. Oh, shit. What happened?" At this point, OD said she realizes why some animals eat their young! Of course, by the time she called me, she couldn't stop from laughing, but she said it definitely wasn't funny at the time! I told her that this is probably a good time for her to start cleaning up her language or she WILL be embarrassed by one of her children saying something improper at a most inopportune time--like SHE did! I fixed MY language mighty quick. :)


Red said...

That's hilarious about the grandson... I had to clean up everything, not that I do that great of a job. Example:

I went to the doc for a check up just before getting prego with the youngest. He said that there didn't seem to be anything wrong with me to explain my lack of getting pregnant and he needed to rule out a problem with my husband. So, he explains what he needs to do, hands me a cup and sends me home. Of course I didn't bring the oldest to the appointment with me, but when I went to get her from my mom's I had to explain what doc said to my mom. I didn't come right out and say anything, naturally.. What I did say is that the doc wanted to check hubby's "boys."

Well, my oldest was coloring the entire time, seemingly not listening.. When my hubby came home from work that night, I put in a kid video and took him to the bedroom to explain things. I wanted to ease into the sperm-checking subject to try and make it seem like it was something we really needed to have done before the more invasive tests on me. About halfway into the conversation, my daughter walked in and began telling us something that had happened on the movie. I still hadn't approached the big subject and told her to go back to the living room to watch her movie. As she was walking out, she turned to her dad and said, "Oh, dad, the doctor says he wants to check your boys," at which point there was really nothing else for me to do but to hand him the cup...

Oh how we love our children!

cmk said...

Just GREAT! I would have peed myself laughing!