Monday, October 09, 2006

I'm A Horrible Person :)

Last week I was talking to C when she mentioned the baby's first birthday. EXCUSE ME!?!?!? WHEN is her birthday???? Turns out, Gracie is a one-year-old this Thursday. Now, I went to ALL of my calendars, my PDA, EVERYWHERE, and there is no mention of when Gracie was born. (I DID post on this blog when she was birthed, but I HARDLY EVER read my own blog. :)) What a horrible grandmother I am. But then, in my defense, I DO have five grandchildren and I can't be expected to remember them all equally, can I? ;) I DO remember visiting C night after night the month she was here in the hospital. I DO remember when Gracie was born. I DO remember going to see Gracie while she was here in the hospital for three weeks after she was born. I DO remember when Gracie went home on Halloween. I just don't remember the number of the day she was born! Thank goodness I found out in plenty of time to get her birthday gift. Now, the only problem: how many days AFTER her birthday will it be before she finally GETS her gift from us?

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Kate said...

Blame it on getting old... works with my grandkids! LMAO