Wednesday, October 04, 2006

What We Prefer

From mental_floss:

More Women Prefer Dogs Over Husbands: An online poll released by, shows more women would rather have a pet than a husband.
(Not a surprise! Dogs give unconditional love—and don’t watch football!)

More Women Prefer Looks Over Money: The more money a woman earns, the more likely she is to prefer good looks to money in her man, a new survey reveals.
(Um, if a woman has money of her own, why wouldn’t she go for the eye candy?)

More women prefer clean-shaven men (70% of women prefer a clean shave, 20% prefer a goatee, 7% prefer a full beard, 3% do not care about facial hair).
(Can anyone say whisker/stubble burn?)

More women prefer shopping for their children than for their spouse (71% compared to 67% for women aged 16-55).
(The kids will at least WEAR the stuff—well, if they are young enough, that is.)

Cable TV’s Oxygen Network recently released a report suggesting that technology advertisers are missing out on a large market share by not marketing to women. The survey found that more and more women prefer technological gadgets to jewelry, clothes and shoes, nearly closing the gap between women and men and their technology needs and uses.
(And why SHOULDN’T women like tech gadgets just as much as men?)

Given the option, more and more women prefer Caesarean section to natural birth.
(Especially if you can have a tummy tuck at the same time! JUST JOKING!)

More women prefer blue eyes (36 percent) to brown or dark eyes (30 percent).

When it comes to having their private parts examined, more women prefer a physician of their own sex. But for treating a broken leg, women don’t seem to give physician sex a second thought, according to a Norwegian study of women aged 36 to 55.
(Who comes up with these questions—and who pays them to ask them?!)

According to a Lifetime Women’s Pulse Poll, three times more women prefer to work for a man, with Bill Gates topping the list of ideal male bosses at 38%. But despite this preference for men, the #1 ideal boss is Oprah Winfrey with 58% of the vote.
(If you say so.)

And now for the men:

More Men Prefer Marriage Over Women: A new study that provides the first inclusive look into the male consciousness found that men are more likely to prefer marriage to single life than women.
(Hello! Especially if the wife does the laundry, right?!)

When it comes time for bottoms up, more men prefer beer and women prefer wine.
(And this is surprising, why?)

More and more men prefer Laser Hair Removal for the most sensitive parts of their bodies. Did you know that 30% of spa visitors are men?
(More info than I needed to know!)

More men prefer Cialis to Viagra.
(Again, more info than I needed to know!)

A survey from Ontrack, a disaster recovery company, claims that more men prefer to try and fix a PC problem themselves.
(But the question is, do they ACTUALLY know WHAT they are doing?)

Although monarch sheets are available in a variety of colors, most men prefer ecru or white.
(Excuse me! And this is relevant, why?)

Researchers say most men prefer women with medium-sized breasts. And 13% have admitted trying on a bra, mostly for fancy dress or a dare, but some for curiosity or pleasure. Most say they found it uncomfortable. 81% of men surveyed say they would have medium-sized breasts if they were women.
(Words fail…)

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