Sunday, October 08, 2006

Nothing Interesting

Well, we got home on Friday--late afternoon. I got all of the shopping done that I wanted to do and I must say, I did well for myself! This trip, I found THREE pairs of shoes to buy--doesn't happen often that I find shoes I like AND fit my feet, so I had to buy all three pair. If I keep this up, I'll be getting into Imelda Marcos territory. I also got a couple of Christmas gifts--I wasn't planning on doing Christmas shopping, but when you see something you just MUST buy it because it won't be there the next time! K wants to go back next week Monday or Tuesday--we'll see if it happens.

We were gone for a day and a half and K's work called FOUR times to ask him to do overtime--they even wanted him to do an 18 hour shift today. I can't wait to find out what is going on out at the plant. K IS working today, but just his regular shift. This is the second or third time the plant has called while we have been out of town--I set our home phone to call-forwarding and get the calls on my cell. I am amazed that these people--the bosses--at K's work have NO IDEA what call-forwarding is. They just seem to be all amazed that this is possible.

This is the first time in quite awhile--maybe EVER--that we didn't celebrate our anniversary at all. Our anniversary was on Friday and we did nothing for it. Of course, we weren't home early enough for me to do my usual: make K a special dinner and dessert. I did manage to get a card for him, but he didn't even do that. He better make up for this on my birthday and Christmas--I am expecting GOOD things this year, as usual! :) I guess our anniversary day REALLY isn't any more special than any other day is--after all, we've been together this long, so every day is exceptionally special!

C had the three-year-old in to see the ENT on Friday and they have determined that the little one has a milk allergy! Now, we are not talking lactose intolerance, but a full-fledged, absolutely-NO-milk-products-being-consumed, allergy. She is kind of beside herself as her kids LOVE yogurt, cheese, milk, etc. AND she cooks with cheese, etc, a lot! C is probably going to see a dietician so she can get some help in meal planning--it is REALLY going to be a pain in the ass for her. Thankfully, the doctor said this is the kind of allergy kids usually grow out of--let's hope so.

AND, I'm so happy that I got to see the Red Wings play last night. We missed the season opener because we were not at home, so I especially was glad to watch last night. They lost the game on Thursday, but won against the Penguins last night, 2-0. They played pretty well. I'm a happy camper! :)

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