Thursday, April 08, 2010

It Makes Life Interesting

A lot of people cannot understand why anyone would live here in the UP.  We are very isolated, not very progressive as far as 'big city' dwellers would think, economically depressed, and quite 'backwards' compared to other parts of the country.  But, for those who care about different criteria, this is a great place to live.  People who like the outdoors will find something to do here all year long, it is beautiful here, we have a very low crime rate, and people are willing to help their neighbors.  (We also have the largest concentration of Finnish people outside of the country of Finland, but that's beside the point.  ;))  It is amusing AND amazing how quickly people who 'can't wait to get out of here' want to come back to live after they leave.  I guess we DO have a lot to offer.

All of this is just my long way of getting to my point:  It snowed overnight.  And it STILL is snowing.  It won't stop until sometime tonight.  Now, this isn't the big storm I predicted, but it is close enough.  I would say we got six inches, at least.  NOT the UP-closing storm it should have been, but it probably was the last for the season.  And here are the pictures:

This isn't the greatest picture--it's from the breakfast nook window looking at the backyard.

Here is from my backdoor, looking toward the street--a little easier to see the amount of snow that fell.

The snow will stop some time tonight.  And by Monday it will be all gone.  It DOES make life interesting.


Anonymous said...

You were right! The snow wasn't finished with you yet.

I can see how the UP is attractive, I just don't know if I could take the cold and snow that you have up there. Maybe that's why there's so many Finnish people-it reminds them of home!

cmk said...

From all of the pictures I've seen, a Finn probably wouldn't know the difference between here and Finland.

I can handle the cold/snow because I don't HAVE to go anywhere most days. We have remote starers on our vehicles, so we don't have to go into them and be cold. And our 'main' vehicle is 4-wheel drive--something that we waited WAY too long before finally purchasing. For most of the winter, it isn't too difficult to get around. But it is a little different 100 miles north of us, where K and I grew up. Most of the winter, the roads are snow-covered, which we don't have to deal with. Bottom line, though: you learn to deal with whatever you know. :)

meleah rebeccah said...

Okay, you know how much I hate the snow, but my allergies are SO BAD this year I would ALMOST prefer snow over these blooming flowers and massive pollen!

cmk said...

The snow definitely knocked out the pollen for a short time. I have sinus 'issues' all year long, so it doesn't really matter much to me if there is pollen or not. ;) The biggest advantage to the snow was that it brought the wildfire threat down, too. Hopefully, it will rain soon and help even more.

kristi noser said...

Seriously, I don't think I would mind living up dere with da Yoopers one bit. Come on, just the police reports in the paper would be worth it.
By the way, can we have more of those?

cmk said...

You would be welcome with open arms by Da Yoopers, kristi! And yes, I read the police reports daily for something to report, but things have been quiet lately. But don't worry, summer is around the corner and SOMEONE will report 'a strange object in the sky': namely, the sun. :D