Friday, April 30, 2010

Police Log

I TOLD you that things would begin to heat up (ha, ha) now that summer is coming.  And here we go:

--12:17 PM, person lost/left Blackberry cell phone on her bumper two days ago, unknown location
This girl has quite a bit of problems remembering, doesn't she?  First, she's not sure whether she LOST or LEFT her phone on the bumper and then she's not sure where this occurred.  Maybe she THOUGHT she remembered HAVING a Blackberry, but isn't sure of THAT.

--2:40 PM, multiple cars at apartment complex have had flat tires due to nails and screws in their tires.  It is suspected that damage is not accidental.

--3:25 PM, beaver causing traffic jam, beaver moved along
There is a joke in there, but I'M not making it.  ;)

--5:40 PM, report of man in a wheelchair in the road, possibly in distress
I guess I would say DUH!!! to this one, too.

--6:56 PM, report of a cleaning truck making a lot of noise from its high-powered vacuum
And????  It's not like this is happening at 3:00 AM!

--9:06 AM, found small chicken in lot, removed/adopted by local farmer
I have nothing...


meleah rebeccah said...

I cant take these! I crack up every single time!

"--3:25 PM, beaver causing traffic jam, beaver moved along"

*Im not making THAT joke either!*

cmk said...

That one is just hysterical--even WITHOUT the Joke That Can't Be Made. ;)