Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Police Log

I haven't done these in far too long, so here is a few month's worth of our police logs.  Enjoy!

--8:15 AM, neighbor honks car horn at different times of night for no reason
Fight, fight, fight!!!  Kind of passive/aggressive, isn't this? 

 --10:40 PM, report of male subject streaking in the area
The 60s called--you're WAY late with your fads.

--10:38 PM, report of a disorderly drunk male kicked out of business
--12:15 AM, drunk male subject from earlier returned and tried to get back into business, warned to leave and not drive
And WHY would the cops WARN the drunk not to drive?  Why not just drive him home?

--11:01 AM, vacant home, reported at police station
Is it illegal to have a house be empty?  I don't understand.

--3:00 AM, possible stolen car, vehicle was taken by husband, not stolen
I sense a failure to communicate.

--11:30 AM, suspicious odor, tracked to Department of Public Works compost site
Yeah, I'm sure that would smell.

--9:34 AM, suspicious situation, found cloths and other items in a closet
And just WHERE do YOU store your 'cloths and other items?'

And finally:

--4:52 AM, caller reports being put on the Internet without permission by unknown subject


kristi noser said...

love, love, LOVE these!

cmk said...

And just think, summer is when the REALLY weird calls happen. :)

ordinaryjanet said...

can't wait for summer, then! ;-)

meleah rebeccah said...

I cant even handle how funny these are!~ These are cray hysterical!

cmk said...

I should try to remember to do these at least once a week. It's unbelievable what people call the cops for.

Oh, and as for the last one: The Oldest--after thinking about it for a bit--decided that someone had posted a picture of the caller on the net and THAT'S what he/she was upset about. I read it as someone logged the caller onto the net without permission. Maybe I'M the one who should be laughed at over this one. :D

Ranger Tom said...

And people STILL ask me why I'm not a cop anymore...

cmk said...

I couldn't imagine being in the call center and having to take some of these calls--OR being the cop that has to show up to the person's house. These will NEVER cease to amaze me...