Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Getting A Life

Last Thursday, my heart was ripped out of my chest, thrown to the ground, and stomped into the mud.  Yes, the Red Wings lost and their season has ended.  And now that I no longer have a horse in this race, I am done watching hockey for the year--I don't care who wins the Cup and will pay very little attention to what is going on.  And all this while--well, for a few weeks, anyway--the IIHF World Championships have been played in Europe and no one here knew/cared.  Surprise!  Something is happening in another part of the world--something HUGE in an another part of the world--and no one in North America gives a damn!  But, isn't that the way it is--we are either TOO involved in other parts of the world or we don't give a shit at all.  Oh well, it is what it is.

So, the other day the championship game was played between Finland and Sweden.  It only took two days for me to be able to watch the re-play of the game.  But, North America didn't care because Canada and the US didn't even make it to the semi-finals.  We only have 4,396,265 sport channels here in the States--and we get about half of those on our cable system--but no one broadcast the game while it was being played.  So be it.  I was thrilled to be able to watch the re-play.  Finland beat the snot out of Sweden--and don't even try to imagine how big a deal THAT was in Finland--and they get to have the finals in Helsinki next year.  I loved watching the game because the names of the Finnish players were so familiar to me.  I would say almost half of the names are names that I know from here--many, many people that I know personally share the last names of Finnish players.  I was thrilled and surprised to see one of the players with the same last name as The Mother's maiden name--a name that isn't very prevalent here in the US.  Quite cool.

So, what will I do with all of my free time?  I think I will be able to get some more of my crafts done--sewing is a possibility.  I have already begun to watch some of the DVDs that I own and haven't gotten around to.  Right now I am watching Homicide:  Life On The Street--only one of the best shows ever made.  Of course, I will watch my hockey movie trio that I watch every summer:  Slap Shot, Mystery Alaska, and Miracle.  And before I know it, I will be getting ready for next season.  YAY for October, the end of summer, and hockey season.  I know, I have problems.  ;)


kristi noser said...

I watched a sweet movie tonight, never heard of it before, but took a chance on it from Netflix. It's called "Flipped" When it was done I started it over again and watched it over. Loved it!
Put that one on your summer watching list.

meleah rebeccah said...

Aw. I'm sorry the Wings lost. Please try and have fun with your crafts!

cmk said...

kristi: I will be on the lookout for that one--thanks!

meleah: And this too shall pass. ;) As for my crafts: once I'm done with the things I HAVE to do, I will then start 'fun' projects. :D