Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Good Idea, or BAD?(tm)

Today, we'll play another, shorter, version of Good Idea, or BAD?(tm).  (I'm STILL trying to trademark this and get someone to give me millions of dollars for the idea, but it isn't happening.  {sigh})  And here goes: 


I really have the feeling that this picture is a bit over exaggerated.  While I can see where the product might do something, I don't believe it will make as dramatic a difference as this pic suggests.  Putting a piece of tape on the eyelid just doesn't seem to be enough to give an 'instant eye lift.'  But then, if it is anything like the BARELIFTS, it might actually work.

I am probably the first person who would gravitate toward any product that makes it this easy to appear younger.  I don't do surgery, unless it is absolutely necessary--pain is NOT my friend.  But, I don't really mind looking my age--I have earned every mark, wrinkle, and age spot I have and am proud that I'm still standing.  There are no 'boy toys' standing out in my yard, wanting me for themselves, so I have no reason to want to look less than my age.  After all, K is not looking like a spring chicken, either--so we are a good match.  However, if these actually worked, I could see using them for a special occasion--something to make the photos that will be taken look a bit better.  But I really have my doubts as to whether they work or not. 

So, Good Idea, or BAD?


meleah rebeccah said...

DREAM LOOK INSTANT EYE LIFT = Good Idea --- IF it really works!

cmk said...

I really can't understand HOW these things work and HOW they are 'invisible.' Oh well, probably not going to show up in my home any time soon--even if I need them. :D

Anonymous said...

I think those before & after photos are of two different people. Could be the photos were touched up a bit to make them similar, but I doubt it. Once again, if I wore those things, they'd fall off in the most public and embarrassing situation possible.

And WHY in the Before photos of whatever product is being pushed, are women free of makeup? Of course we'll look haggard compared to the After photo with inches of foundation making flawless skin. Or Photoshopping.

cmk said...

I don't think those are the same person, either. And I agree about the 'why no makeup.' I've often noticed that. Also, in the weight loss before and afters, have you noticed how EVERYONE sucks in their stomachs in the afters, but push them out in the befores? That always has made me chuckle.

LOL on the 'falling off' comment--you and I are the same, cause I would be embarrassed in some way with these things, too.