Monday, May 23, 2011


We went to the Doobie Brothers concert on Saturday night and had a great time!  It is nice that all of the bands/acts that we were unable to afford when we were younger are still around--and we get a chance to see them.  Yes, they all are getting old(er), but so are K and myself.  ;)  The friends we went with had never been to a casino, so THAT was also a fun part of the night.  I think they realize now how much fun a person can have in this atmosphere and that it does not have to involve gambling--which they don't do.   I do believe a trip to Vegas is in our future--they want to see Elton John before he decides to retire.

The next concert I might be going to is at the end of July.  The Oldest is one of the biggest Air Supply fans and I told her that we could go if she wants.  I am waiting for her decision before buying the tickets.  While I really am not that big of a fan, I think it will/would be a good time--I would love to see her reaction when they first come on stage.  :)  I would imagine it would be pretty close to how I was when I saw Clapton for the first time--basic idol worship.

This is just a short update to what has been going on and I will do a longer post within the next few days.  Until then...


meleah rebeccah said...

I love the Doobie Brothers, but I've never seen them in concert. I did see Elton John when he was on tour with Billy Joel. And that was amazing.

cmk said...

It was almost 2 hours of solid music--can't ask for more than that. Really a great show.

We saw Elton a couple of years ago when we were in Vegas and I would go to see him again, in a heartbeat! The man knows how to entertain.