Monday, October 08, 2012

Day Eight--Hair

Hmmm.  I talked about my hair in the last post.  What to do, what to do.  I guess I will start with my hair, anyway...

When I was younger, I had the thickest head of hair you can imagine.  Sadly, with age, psoriasis, and thyroid problems, my hair is now on the thinner side.  Actually, I now am much closer to the 'fine, Finnish, fairy fur' that is quite common among Finns than what I used to have.  And I am very sad about this.  While I don't really have thin, stringy hair, it just isn't that nice, thick hair that you want to bury your fingers in.

The Oldest, however, has inherited my old hair--and then some.  When she goes to get a permanent--which is extremely rare--the stylist has to use one and a half kits just to have enough solution for all of her hair.  Her hair is so thick that there really isn't anything that she can use comfortably to put her hair up--such as clips, barrettes, etc.  That is, until I got her a barrette from the Renaissance Fair.  It is quite amazing that she actually can use something nice to keep her hair off of her neck and not just something that she is 'making do' with.  It's a secret, but I got her another one as a Christmas present--I think she'll like it!  And it looks just like the big one in this picture:

The Youngest is 'blessed' with K's hair--very fine and 'can't do a thing with it' limp.  She wears her hair long, too, so the fact that there isn't anything she can do with her hair isn't really a hindrance.  Last year she bought herself a barrette for the first time at the Fair and loved it so much she got a new one this year.  Her new barrette is like this, only in two (silver and gold) colors:


meleah rebeccah said...

Those barretts are beautiful.

I have fine, thin, limp hair, and I would KILL for thick hair. In fact, I had hair extensions for a while, but they were too expensive to maintain. I find that hot-rolling and hair-spraying make my hair look much fuller then it really is.

cmk said...

The thing I love the most about the barrettes is that they work in ALL types of hair--they are adjustable! These are the most amazing hair accessories I have ever seen! :D

I only wish I could get my 16-year-old hair back--along with my 16-year-old body. ;D

Anonymous said...
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