Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Day Seventeen--Coins

While K was in the Navy, he traveled to far and away places.  And he brought currency--both paper and coins--home with him.  We have money from the coastal countries of Europe and quite a bit from the Middle East, as well.  The most interesting thing is, the money we have from the Middle East--at least most of it--is no longer relevant.  For example, the money we have from Iran has the old Shah of Iran on it.  DEFINITELY not relevant in today's world.  One of these days the money will be passed to the grandchildren--or maybe I'll wait and give it to the GREAT-grandchildren, whenever that may be.  :)


meleahrebeccah said...

Wowzah. That's super cool, even if it is no longer relevant!

Ziva said...

That's really amazing, I always love looking at other countries' money, to see the similarities and differences between countries.

chrkos said...

What amazes me the most about the money we have from foreign lands is how different it is from US money. The first thing I noticed was how colorful the paper money was--not the boring green and cream we have. Also, the coins are such different sizes--some are quite big and then there are some smaller than our dimes are!