Sunday, October 21, 2012

Day Twenty One--Broken

We had a hot summer--at least I thought it was.  I don't do 'heat' well, so I was miserable most of the summer.  And to make myself feel even worse, I would look at the thermometer when I woke up just to see how hot it was--and then I would complain to anyone who would listen.  That someone was usually K.  (Yes, I'm an annoying bitch a lot of the time.)  Day after day after day I would look out the front window and see that the temp was 85*.  One day it occurred to me that the temp hadn't changed in quite some time--even at night.  Slowly it dawned on me that the thermometer just might not be working right.  K disagreed, but I WAS proven right.  (YAY!)

The broken thermometer today (10/20)***:

The actual, correct temp today (10/20):

(If it isn't easily seen, the outside temp is shown at the top--and it is 55* today.)

We do have a new thermometer, but it hasn't been hung yet.  I'm sure K will do so sometime in December or January--during a blizzard.  ;D

***This is the first--and probably last--picture/s I will post for this challenge that I have actually taken.  I was bound and determined to not follow the rules AT ALL, but today I just had to post my own pics.  :D


meleahrebeccah said...

this summer was truly disgusting. I was miserable all season too. I seriously CANNOT wait for a friggen BLIZZARD with 5 feet of snow!

chrkos said...

And my thermometer will STILL say 85*. :D

meleahrebeccah said...