Saturday, October 27, 2012

It's All About Me--ME, ME, ME

For the most part, I haven't paid much attention to Hurricane Sandy.  I did make note of it, simply because our good friends are going on a cruise in a couple of weeks, but any threat to their vacation has passed.  Usually weather that takes place anywhere in the east has no impact on my life at all.  Until now...

It was just announced today that Google's big meeting/announcement/media event that was supposed to take place on Monday has been canceled because of the hurricane/Frankenstorm that the northeast is supposed to experience the early part of next week.  So what does this have to do with me?  Well, it is assumed that a new 32gb Nexus 7 tablet will be unveiled.

I WANT!  At 1/2 the cost of an iPad mini, it looks like it will be a winner--AND it is Android!  YAY!  I was hoping that they would be on store shelves by the time we go on our next road trip (11/5) and I could buy one.  With the announcement postponed, I may have to wait.  I have a sad.  :(

The delay of the Nexus announcement isn't the only way that this storm might be impacting me.  It looks as if this just may affect our weather and cause some snow.  The winds on the edge of the storm front will be blowing from the northwest and these winds will blow across the Lake, causing moisture to meet the cold air, which in turn will produce snow, probably wet and heavy.  (The worst storms we get come out of the northeast--this could possibly be a doozy.)  Depending on just where the eastern storm front is will decide whether we get much snow in the central part of the peninsula or not.  Snow for Halloween--sounds about right for us.  :D

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