Saturday, October 06, 2012

Day Six--Vibration

Good grief.  I have pretty much NOTHING for this.  What are my thoughts?

--At one time, K was in charge of the 'vibration program' where he works.  I have no idea what that involves, or what he did.

--Our front loading washer vibrates so much that I can't imagine having it in a first floor laundry room.  It would have to be anchored to the floor joists somehow.

--A couple of years ago, we saw road crews on the highways cutting 'grooves' into the edge of the shoulders and the middle of the roads.  Whenever you drove over these grooves, your vehicle would vibrate and you'd get a sound that would wake the dead.  With the kind of weather we have here, we thought the roads would begin to crumble from water freezing and thawing in the grooves.  This doesn't seem to have happened and I think having the rumble strips isn't a bad idea:  they most certainly will wake you up if you happen to be daydreaming too much and drift where you shouldn't be!


meleah rebeccah said...

that is PERFECT for Vibration. I've driven over those bumps and they sure shake the crap out of the car!

cmk said...

The shaking plus the noise is enough to wake the dead every time!

Anonymous said...
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