Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Changing Again

Well, I did it--I migrated to Blogger beta. I can see how I possibly could have a lot of fun with this, but there still seem to be some issues that need straightening out. We'll see how it goes.

I am not too sure when I will start using the 'labels' for my posts--I probably will at some time, but that almost seems to be too much thinking for me to do! I'm sure it will come in time. Anyway, I think I will enjoy this--hope you all like the new look.

And now for some sad news: the Red Wings lost their first pre-season game tonight. Minnesota beat them 3-2. On a good note: the Wings didn't have most of their 'stars' playing, so I don't think we have too much to worry about. Thursday night we get to watch them play Colorado--I hope we get a better picture as to what this year will bring.


Dazd said...

Nice decor change. I'm not one for changes, so I'll stick with the old blogger until I'm forced to change.

yoopergirl said...

Like the blue border, but I will have trouble reading the blue print-its a sight defect I have with blue. Anyway, don't want to get your hopes up but do know you would LOVE to see the Wings and the Wild, I get 'comped' once in awhile, will keep you in mind! I owe you for last summer! Keep your fingers crossed,

cmk said...

Dazd: Yeah, I figured I would try to get used to the change before the eventual forcing of the issue--don't usually like to work with beta products, but thought it might be okay this time! :)

Yoopergirl: GREAT if you can keep us in mind for tickets--I would be ever so grateful! BUT: you definitely DON'T owe me for this summer--I TRULY understand time constraints! (And thanks for the heartwarming story!)