Sunday, September 17, 2006


I have married a wonderful man, given birth to two kids, and become a grandmother to five kids and yet, tonight is definitely in my top 10 of all time greatest times of my life. Yes, people, I am talking about the Eric Clapton concert. For over two hours I was transfixed--I could barely speak or think anything other than "I can't believe I am ACTUALLY seeing EC, in the flesh, playing so unbelievably." I can't even explain how overwhelmed I was by the whole experience.

For anyone who likes blues/rock, and who especially likes guitar solos, the Xcel Center was the place to be. In virtually every song, we got to hear at least two or three solos--sometimes as many as five! EC was in such good form, but he also had some awesome guitarists with him. Doyle Bramhall II is one great guitar player, and while he was great, nobody could come close to the 26-year-old slide guitarist (Derek Trucks)--that kid is going to have himself one hell of a career. Robert Cray--the opening act--also played on a few songs, and he is fantastic.

EC doesn't talk during his concerts and no one cared! It was non-stop music--just what we were there for. The crowd was animated for the entire show, but from the opening notes of Layla, through Cocaine, after the band left and returned to the stage, and through the encore, Crossroads, no one sat down. To say the noise level was a low roar is putting it mildly! As far as I could tell, everyone felt they got their money's worth tonight. When I spoke about the concert in the weeks leading up to it, I said I would be happy and satisfied if ALL I got to hear EC play was Wonderful Tonight, Layla, and Cocaine. Well, I got that and much, much more!

It now has been almost three hours since the concert ended and I am still ecstatic. I think I will get out the Zen Micro and listen to all the songs I heard earlier, again. I will have good dreams tonight!

(And after I get home, I will be able to get back to my normal life--no more thinking about the up-coming concert as I did all last week! :))


Dazd said...

Sounds like a great time. I've always enjoyed EC's music and maybe soon I'll experience a concert of his.

Doug Bagley said...

I'll bet that was a great concert! Was he able to get all of his hits in?

cmk said...

The concert really had great songs--some hits and some that aren't heard as much. Not real heavy on the big hits, but every song was so special in its own way--and when you have the guitar solos, then the songs are ALL great! Actually, the concert was like one long jam session built around some songs--and the musicians all had a good time playing. :) Here is the set list for anyone who cares:

I Shot The Sheriff
Got To Get Better In A Little While
Old Love
Everybody Ought To Make A Change
Motherless Children
Back Home
I Am Yours
Nobody Loves You When You're Down And Out
Running On Faith
After Midnight
Little Queen of Spades
Further On Up The Road
Wonderful Tonight

Kerry said...

EC is playing here in Napier in Feb 2007. Tickets sold out in a couple of hours. Probably be the bigest artist we have ever seen.

cmk said...

Kerry: If there is ANY way you can get tickets--if you don't have them already--GET THEM! As I said, if a person loves guitar solos and a mix of rock and blues, this is one concert not to miss. Besides, the reviews of this tour are outstanding--I guess EC is in the best form he has been in awhile.