Thursday, September 20, 2007

A Conversation

Me (to K): While we're in Vegas, let's do something we will never forget. Let's renew our wedding vows and have an Elvis impersonator officiate!

K: I definitely don't want an IMPERSONATOR!

Me: Well, the real one is in Arkansas or with Steven King in Maine, so I doubt he'll come just to officiate our renewal.

K (in mock seriousness): Why wouldn't he?

Don't we just have the most STIMULATING conversations? :)



Cindi said...

My brother got married earlier this year in Vegas at the Little White Chapel with an Elvis lookalike doing the honors. They had a blast!

sue said...

He has a point. ;)

melevision said...

That is hysterical. I wish he would have agreed though. That would have made for some great pictures!

kristi noser said...

Elvis Semetary. It could work.

cmk said...

If I could get the renewal done for under $100 (I know, I know, I'm cheap!), I think I would strong arm him into doing it. I still think it would be a hoot!

Meleah: If we paid $200 or more, we could have the renewal done right AND have a webcast of the ceremony! I couldn't stop laughing when I found that out. :)