Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Police Log

Since I last posted portions of our local police log, not a whole lot of interesting things have happened. There have been calls about nude swimmers, public urinating, and various people passed out/sleeping in public places. Last week there was a call about 'roofers removing the wrong roof.' This was followed--a couple of hours later--by a call about 'roofing contractors being harassed by neighbor.' I REALLY want to know the backstory to THAT one! Yesterday, I finally found something to post, and here is the police log:

11:25 PM: complaint of people playing banjo
(The complainers must have seen 'Deliverance' once too many times--and were really freaked out by the banjo player!)

2:12 AM: small shrub placed on top of vehicle

5:24 PM: mailbox found at wrong address
(Again: HUH??????)

I wonder just HOW much fun the dispatchers have with these calls? Makes the job interesting, for sure.


sue said...

At least those all sound rather mild... no bullets flying or such things.

Anonymous said...

Makes you wonder what motivates people.

Burg said...

Whoa!! The banjo???? LMAO!!!

I think I'd complain too!

cmk said...

sue: Believe me, if the bullets start flying, I will BE OUT OF HERE!!!!!!

leazwell: I really believe some people have so little in their lives that they HAVE to find something to cause some excitement--hence the 'shrub on vehicle!' :)

burg: I agree it could probably be annoying...especially if it lasted too long.

I'm STILL wondering how the mailbox got to the wrong address--did it walk? forget where its home was? drink too much and staggered into the neighbor's yard? :)