Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Finally The Day Has Arrived!

Yes, people, today I am a happy woman. Hockey season has started! Well, the pre-season, but same difference. AND the Wings won 6-1 over the Wild. A good day.

Of course, as is my life, it didn't start out all that good. First, I couldn't find the damn game ANYWHERE--to watch OR listen to on the radio! I'm hoping the problems I had were just pre-season ones, cause we are out on the road too often for me not to be able to (at least) listen to the games on the laptop. Thank goodness I have a long list of hockey fan sites and I was able to find the game from a comment in one of the forums. I only missed the first period, so it wasn't all that bad.

Being as it was a pre-season game, a good many of the veteran players were not there. My baby boy didn't play, but it isn't that surprising: he has been nursing a groin injury for a few days, so... It was quite interesting to see the 'wanna-bes' playing. Half the time I didn't even know if the announcer was talking about a Detroit or Minnesota player!

Next game is on Thursday AND it is on TV, so I will be able to watch from the comfort of the living room couch--on the flat screen and in hi-def. YIPPEE!!


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