Tuesday, September 11, 2007

The Final Straw?

If you haven't heard about Britney's comeback performance at the VMAs, then you have been living under a rock! And if you haven't SEEN the performance, well, here it is:

Now, I really don't want to kick the girl when she's down, but, REALLY! What was she thinking? That is one. bad. performance. I could critique it, but WHY? Where would you start? This just may be the end of her career.


Burg said...

She's disgusting.

Dazd said...

She's all washed up!

cmk said...

Ditto to both comments!

Ann(ie) said...

I prefer K-Fed.

Cindi said...

I agree she's washed up but I didn't care for the comments that Sarah Silverman made about Britney's kids....her cute little "mistakes". Leave her children out of it.

Re. Britney's "performance"...she looked like a combination of nervous, uninterested, anxious to get it over with and lazy. I won't jump on the bandwagon (like Jay Leno and others in the media)and say that she was fat...geez I thought she looked good for having had two babies rather recently. I am not a Britney fan, by the way. Ever since her head shaving episode, I think it is pretty obvious the woman is messed up. You have got to check out this youtube video they showed on the news last night.


I hope that link works. It is hilarious.

cmk said...

Doesn't that video just scream 'get a freaking life!!!!!' to you? (I still have to wonder how he kept his mascara from running if he truly was crying--AND where the tears were. ;))

I thought Sarah Silverman was disgusting--but I don't like her anyway.