Saturday, September 22, 2007

In The News

--I DO kind of think the police were overreacting, but if they weren't tech geeks, I'm sure it could have looked quite suspicious. I am talking about the girl at the Boston airport who wore the 'art piece' consisting of a black hooded sweatshirt, a circuit board, and some wiring. Listen, if she is as smart as they are saying, she should have known how it is a VERY different world today after 9/11. But then, smart people have NEVER been know for their common sense! Here's the whole story.

--While I REALLY wish he would just fall off the face of the earth, I have to make a comment on the OJ thing. I'm afraid he might get away with another one. A story came out saying that the room where the 'incident' went down was wired and now some say that he was 'set up.' Great. All he needs is to hire another high-priced sack of shit--oops, I meant lawyer--with all of the money he has hidden away, and he will come out of this free and clear. Once again. If you must, here is the story.

--So now, after all these years, Dan Rather has decided to crawl out from the rock he's been hiding under and defend his honor. Yup, he is suing CBS for $70 million because HE tried to bring down Bush with false documents. Of course, his suit is for being dismissed wrongly, but still. Of course, CBS, the White House, Republicans, big business, big government, and I'm sure, the little old lady down the street, all conspired to get Dan Rather discredited. And he is doing this for the little people. As he said on Larry King, "What I'm trying to do in my wee small way is to say to people...big government and big corporations have far too much influence and are intimidating." Give it up, Dan, it was time for you to move one. Pull up your big boy panties and deal with it. You got caught. Here's the story.

--Now we have cribs made in China being recalled. Is this scary, or what? I like getting a bargain just as much as the next guy, but really! It just might be time we all suck it up and start paying a bit higher prices for things Made in America! The story is here.

--Rudy Giuliani has never really done much for me. Granted, he did a good job after 9/11, but other than that he really was off my radar. (I don't live in New York City, or New York state for that matter, so why would I care about their mayor?) Anyway, he was giving a talk to the NRA on Friday and HE. ANSWERED. HIS. CELLPHONE. DURING. THE. TALK. Excuse me?? After watching the video, it just seemed too much like a political moment to me. Any thoughts? You can read the story here and the video is down the page on the left.

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kristi noser said...

Regarding Giuliani, I say political game. He didn't even look to see who was calling before he said "hello dear." Who answers the phone like that if they don't look to see who it is? Yeah, good one Rudy.