Friday, September 28, 2007

You Mean I WON'T Talk Finn?

My great-grandmother--the only one I knew--died when I was 9 years old. She was in her 70s. To a young child, as I was, she was very old. She was a very short woman, standing only 4'9" tall. She also was, by ANYONE'S definition, fat--she couldn't have weighed much less than 200 pounds. And she spoke only Finnish, as she had been born in Finland. (But why she didn't learn English is a mystery--she lived in the US for about 60 years!) For some reason or other, she was my true example of an old lady--as if I didn't KNOW any others. (For all I can recall, maybe I DIDN'T know any other women as old as she was.)

As a child, I believed that every woman, when she became 'old', would suddenly become short, fat, and speak only Finnish.

I was a strange child. :)

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Burg said...

LMAO!!!!!! That made me snort!

Cindi said...

Yep...good one! Do you speak a lot of Finnish too?

cmk said...

burg: Glad you enjoyed.

cindi: I never really spoke Finn. I knew quite a few words, but don't even remember a lot of them anymore--just no one to 'practice' with. I understood my parents when they spoke the language, or the gist of what they were saying--I probably couldn't have translated, just paraphrased. I took a class to learn a few years ago, but, again, with no one to practice with, it just didn't 'take.'

kristi noser said...
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