Wednesday, September 12, 2007

I Don't Do Hair

Laughing Mutley

This is a reworked comment I made to a post over at Doug Bagley's site.

When K was in the Navy, all of the guys did their best to avoid the Navy barbers--because they did such a bad job of cutting hair. Actually, they just buzzed the hair and that is about it. Instead of getting their hair 'cut' for free, most went to private barbershops--K among them. One day there was to be a big inspection--dress blue uniforms, the whole bit--and his hair was too long. There was no time for him to go to the barber--even the Navy barber--so he asked me to trim it up a little bit, which I gladly agreed to do. (I had NO training in hair cutting, but HOW hard could it be?) I took the scissors--NOT hair-cutting scissors, of course--and trimmed the hair over his ears and a little bit in back and he was good to go. I was quite pleased that it didn't look too bad. Besides, he was going to be wearing his hat, so no one would REALLY see what his hair looked like. The inspection went well and a few days later he finally got to the barbershop for a haircut. As the barber began cutting, he remarked to my hubby, "Those Navy barbers sure do a good job of butchering your hair, don't they?" That was the last time I ever cut hair.

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sue said...

I'll hack on my own, but never ever ever cut the kids' or Hubs'. I know better. ;)