Friday, September 21, 2007

So They Didn't Win

I watched the Wings lose to the Wild 3-2 tonight. big deal. It was, after all, a pre-season game.

Once again I was sitting and wondering who the hell the announcers were talking about when they were calling play-by-play. Well, that is what pre-season games are--a chance for the 'wanna bes' to make the team. There were a couple that were a bit impressive, but for the most part the entire game sucked big time. The players really didn't have their timing down right--many passes to 'nobody there.' There was a lot of fast skating, but not a lot of things happening. The Wild scored all of their goals on the power play--not good. Detroit really has to work on the penalty kill.

All of the Detroit players tonight were different from the ones the other night. Zetterberg was doing impossible moves--as usual--but didn't get any points. Filppula looks like he might be a bit faster than last year--and that certainly can't hurt. No points from him, either. At 5'9" (maybe), Hudler is almost invisible--but I think he could put up the numbers if he can get enough playing time. And Cleary left the ice with a rib injury--no word on if anything is broken. Oh, yay--first Rafalski with the hip flexor injury and now Cleary. I sure hope this isn't a year of injuries.

While I wasn't overly thrilled with the game, I got a chance to see the 'wanna bes'--which is good. Who knows, some of them might be household words in several years!

Seven more pre-season games--only two of which will be broadcast on our system--and then the season starts. What a wonderful time of year! :)

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