Monday, July 30, 2007

A New Week

Famous people born on this day who
are actually older than me:

Arnold Schwarzenegger
Paul Anka
Peter Bogdanovich
Buddy Guy
Edd "Kookie" Burns


I don't know how many of you remember Tom Snyder. He hosted 'Tomorrow' on NBC--which followed 'The Tonight Show.' He also hosted 'The Late, Late Show' on CBS--which followed 'The Letterman Show.' Sadly, he lost his battle with leukemia and has died at the age of 71.

I always felt that his laid-back style and the (mostly) quiet conversations on his show were a very good way to wrap up the day. Of course, seeing as the show was on so late, I didn't get to see it as often as I would have liked, but I was a fan of his nevertheless. I really feel sad about this. RIP, Tom--enjoy your colortinis for all eternity!


I did laundry yesterday and every time I opened the dryer door, I smelled this god-awful odor! I would have stopped using the dryer, but we were in desperate need of clean clothes, so I kept on. Today K got a chance to pull the dryer vent apart--he was working last night--and found a dead chipmunk in the hose. Oh, yay. Now we need ANOTHER new hose. He just has to figure out a way to keep them out of the vent. I don't understand why we are having so many problems now--after all, we've lived here for almost 30 years and this year is the first time for this.

We are having a heat wave. And I am not happy. The temp has been up to 93 here at our house--NOT the official temp, of course--and is supposed to go higher over the next few days. They are saying that we should break the old record of 91 on Wednesday! Obviously, I won't be leaving the house during the day for a while.


And now for your amusement. At least I THINK you will be amused--I know I was!

About a month ago, our local paper started publishing the police log. Nothing very interesting, just a lot of parking violations and lock-out assistance. Of course, you had the public intoxication and the minor in possession, the marijuana busts and loud noise violations, too. As I said, nothing too interesting and nothing too unusual--that is, until Friday's log. Here are the police calls that I found the most amusing:

2:49 AM: loud bongo noises
(didn't know Matthew McConaughey was in town)

it gets better

3:58 AM: male streaker wearing socks
(why wear socks? And WHY specify the socks in the police log?)

and better, still

are you ready?

you won't believe this

12:47 PM (this is the middle of the DAY, people!): loud noise complaint, singing in the shower
(so, does someone need a life? Or was this a pissed off roommate? And WHY, dear Lord, are you complaining about someone singing in the middle of the day? Was the singing THAT bad?)

Hope YOUR day is going well! :)


melevision said...

The only "Snyder" I know was the maintanence man on ONE DAY AT A TIME!

But I think it was spelled Schnyder.

Burg said...

Is your birthday coming up by chance?

That's disgusting about the chipmunk.. Did the stink stick to your clothes? One word.. Febreeze.

You have to start posting those police calls periodically.. Save up all the best ones. I wish my paper did that!

cmk said...

No, my birthday isn't coming till November! I was reading a list of 'Today's Birthdays' and it occurred to me that there STILL are people who are older than I am! :)

Surprisingly, the clothes were fine--and the little bit that I THOUGHT I smelled at the time has gone away.

I definitely will post the police log if there are ever any more calls that are that funny. These were the first ones that I actually found entertaining!

sue said...

I'm still alive and I'll bet I'm older than you... but then, I'm not famous (even if my last name is the same as Tom's).

Police log? Priceless.

Chipmunk? In the dryer vent? Oh... dare I say, "poor chipmunk"?

weatherchazer said...

Police logs are so fun. My favorite is impeding traffic.

Anonymous said...

I always liked Snyder, too.

Ann(ie) said...

No kidding. Get a life! Although I might just get a complaint if my neighbors hear me belting out Wham Rap. I might have to start closing the windows!!!

Cindi said...

I was sad to hear about Tom Snyder too. I will never forget watching his interview with the singer John (Cougar at the time)Mellencamp. John was obviously drunk or messed up on "something" and he became very obnoxious and got pissed off at Tom for some reason. He was cussing and stormed off the set. The interview was live too so no bleeping.

Dead chipmunk? Eeew!!

I look forward to more of your police logs too. Those were funny.