Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Baby Watch

Talked to C for a short time and not much to report. She is beginning to have contractions--a bit stronger than last night--but no pain and nothing regular. She will be having an ultrasound later today/this evening and she was having a non-stress test while we were talking, so they are keeping a close eye on her. I will be seeing her later, so there might be more to report tonight.

A non-stress test is to monitor the baby's heart rate. While on the fetal monitor, C has to press a button every time she feels the baby move so they can determine if the heart rate went up or not. During the test, the baby developed hiccups, so C was pressing that button with regularity. She said that, hopefully, the baby will move during the test--DUH!--and they have certain ways to make sure it happens. For instance, she drinks a glass of ice water before the test begins--this is supposed to get the baby moving. If that doesn't seem to help, they have a buzzer they place on the mother's stomach and press it to wake the baby up--sort of like a doorbell for the womb! I guess C has "seen" the baby practically jump out of her skin when they "buzz" her--of, course, this was while having an ultrasound. She said it is kind of funny to see--I guess in a slightly sadistic sort of way. :)

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