Friday, September 30, 2005

More Baby Watch

C was feeling a bit happier today: she will only have to be here for (up to) four more weeks. After she gets to 36 weeks, she can go back home (or to the hospital there) because there will be no more need for the neonatal unit. She was able to shower today, which made her feel good. However, they have put her in support hose because of the swelling--something she isn't too delighted with. She has an IV going and antibiotics dripping all the time, just to keep infection away. She is allowed to get up to go to the bathroom, but she mostly is confined to bed. Tonight they moved her into a new room--she had been in one of the birthing suites and now she is in a small room. Thankfully she isn't caustrophobic, because it would have kicked in! This new room is only about half the size of the suite and with all the stuff they have jammed in there (monitors, IV stands, etc.) it seems even smaller. Well, I guess she doesn't really need a lot of space when she just stays in bed!

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