Monday, September 12, 2005

It Just Doesn't Seem Right

(I am going to be commenting on something that might be old news. Please don't nail me to the wall--this is, after all, MY opinion!)

I was just reading the newest issue of People magazine and I read something that really upset me quite a bit. They did a short piece on the celebrities helping with the hurricane relief and in one place they listed the money that certain celebrities have donated. Here is what gets me mad: John Grishom has donated $5 million--PERSONALLY-- and Oprah's ANGEL NETWORK (not her PERSONALLY) has donated $1 million. Now, isn't she one of--if not THE--richest women in the US? All I saw her do personally was go to the disaster area--WITH CAMERAS!--and bitch about how this whole thing has racism attached to it. I just don't get how she gets away with the things she does and everyone thinks she is God's gift to the world! SHE doesn't give things away, the corporate sponsors do! Don't people see that? Now she is going to be the most wonderful person because her Angel Network will be giving to the disaster relief--and people such as John Grishom will be overlooked when it comes to thanking those who have helped. (Although, what I have read about him, he probably doesn't want any recognition for his donation.) Oh, well, some people think it is all about themselves.

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