Thursday, September 01, 2005

More of My Trivial Life

Today C. sounded more like herself than she has in many days--we're hoping she has completely turned the corner with this virus. She was out and about today, so she hopes she won't pay for it tomorrow.

A good friend and I went to a local Italian restaurant to celebrate her birthday. Good food and good company, what more can you ask for? We try to get together for dinner once every four weeks or so--you have to MAKE time to be with friends, or they fall by the wayside.

What I am listening to: Back Home by Eric Clapton. I'm enjoying it very much, but if EC sang the alphabet, I would be thrilled!

What I am reading: The Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown. I have had the book sitting around here for several months and I decided it was time to read it. I'm about halfway through and am enjoying the read. However, I don't feel it is as great as the reviews made me think it was going to be--maybe I'll feel differently after I'm done. I'm finding that everything is happening too quickly and too neatly--there could have been much more tension built into the plot. But, as I said, maybe it will change as I get further along.

What I am watching (movies): Just watched The Forgotten last night and it should be put in the FORGOTTEN pile. NOW I realize why it didn't stay in the theaters for very long: it was just bad. There is so much that could have been done with this story to make it much better--I am left with more questions than answers after seeing it, but I really don't care. I'm sorry I wasted my time.

What I am watching (television): The premier episode of Prison Break was on the other night and I think we have a winner. In a lot of ways it is like 24, you have to just go along with the plot and not think too much. There are quite a few very improbable happenings, but what goes on is also very fascinating. I liked the way you could see how the plan was coming together--kind of a window into the main character's mind. If the rest of the episodes are as good as this one, then I will gladly watch for the rest of the season. (There is some gore in the show and I wound up peaking at the screen through my fingers for the last 5 minutes of the episode--I SO did not want to see what was going to happen!)


PK said...

I felt the same way about the Da Vinci Code. I was a good book but not what I expected. I have read all of Dan Brown's books. My favorite is Digital Fortress. I'm happy to read that your daughter felt well enough to get our and about.

PK said...

Obviously I'm not quite awake. After posting I read my comment, YIKES the errors abound!!

cantellya said...

LOL. I fully intended to watch the premier of Prison Break. Dang it.
You previous post is one that makes us think. I too, cannot imagine what it must be like in the disaster zone.
Glad to hear C's feeling better. She's in my prayers.

DragonChild said...

thanks for your comments on my blog, cmk. I've never heard that phrase, cliche though it might be. Thanks again.