Thursday, September 01, 2005

Just Keeping In Touch

I talked to C. today and she is feeling a bit better. Yesterday--despite what she thought was going to happen--she was feeling like she was relapsing. The two older girls have been such a big help to her. I don't know how she would have managed otherwise. I know she is worried about different things: her life is so busy and she can't just stop and let things be. She has four kids--two school aged--and there are other things going on that can't be put on the back burner. Unfortunately, the world and time don't stop just because someone doesn't feel well. I do have to say, though, she DID sound better than she has--thank goodness!

I want to thank those of you who read these meanderings of mine. I am always happy to read your comments--they are most welcome. I wanted to tell y-vonne that C. has had 5 high-risk pregnancies and is on her 6th one now. Of course, it wasn't until pregnancy number 3 ended in a stillborn boy that they actually decided something might be wrong. After number 4 they finally sent her to see a specialist in high-risk pregnancies and number 5 was her first one to go full-term. She still has almost three months to go before she gives birth (hopefully), so we are always concerned about her.

Well, cantellya, the construction goes on and on. Part of the reason I don't want to drive myself anywhere IS the construction, but it is much, much worse now that the students are back in town. I don't know what the problem is--maybe students are perpetually late--but DROVES of kids are using our "under-construction" road as a short-cut. Now, why they think it is shorter to go through a construction zone, is beyond me. There are workers, piles of sand and gravel, very large equipment, and even larger holes in the ground to be avoided, so they can't be saving much time. And it STILL is posted as CLOSED TO THRU TRAFFIC! I thought you had to be able to read before you could attend college. Oh, well, this too shall pass--just not fast enough for me. :)

Now on to something on everyone's mind: the hurricane. There is no way I can imagine what the people in the disaster areas are going through. My heart just breaks every time I see a news story and wish with all my might that I could do something to help. We have never had such a devastating natural catastrophe to get through. We DID have a flood a few years back, but that was almost a joke compared to what Katrina did. The flood here did millions of dollars worth of damage--and no lives were lost--whereas this is going to cost BILLIONS and BILLIONS of dollars to fix. I am ashamed when I think about how pissy I got when we were without electricity for about 36 hours, three years ago. At least I was able to use my bathroom and go to a restaurant to eat! Our disasters here are usually snow or ice related. Granted, things can get pretty hairy when we get 2 feet or more of snow dumped on us or when we have an ice storm, but these things are usually pretty short lived. We usually just have to wait for Mother Nature and a little bit of time to take care of things and we get back to normal. The way I am feeling about things right now is this: if I EVER hear ANYONE who lives here complain about how much they hate the snow, I will bitch-slap them into the next year! Snow is NOTHING compared to what the people down south are going through. My thoughts and prayers are with each and every one of them.


PK said...

I enjoy reading your blog. I hope things go well for your daughter. I am also totally awe struck by the mass destruction of Katrina. I watch CNN and just cry my eyes out.

cmk said...

pk: thanks for the kind words--glad to have you as a reader! I only hope I can be interesting enough to keep you coming back!