Sunday, September 25, 2005

The Goddess Body

I have the body of a fertility goddess. That should make me happy, other women jealous, and men lust after me. Unfortunately, my body is NOT like the body of the goddess Brigit, but rather like the Venus of Willendorf. And as I get older, my body looks more and more like the Venus of Willendorf. Now I don't really know WHEN I began to look like this and I don't know when I actually admitted to myself that I was looking rather fertile-like, but I am not a happy camper! I know a lot of what I look like comes from genetics--my great-grandmother, for instance, had NO lap. She would rock me and instead of me being able to sit on her lap, she would hold me up against her massive belly, with my feet dangling. Of course, part of the reason she was so "stout" was the fact that she was only 4 feet 10 inches tall! Not very much area there to hide even ONE extra pound. Another reason for my looking like I do is the fact I have had some medical issues for years. I had a hysterectomy--which caused immediate menopause--and I have a screwed-up thyroid. Combine that with the achy joints and my drug of choice, food, and you have a Venus of Willendorf waiting to happen! And to top it all off, my doctor doesn't think I'm that far overweight! The man either is a chubby-chaser or he hasn't looked at the amount of weight I have gained since I have been going to him, but he isn't making me feel any better by denying what I already know: I NEED TO LOSE A GREAT DEAL OF WEIGHT FOR MY HEALTH! Oh, well, this is something that we have to figure out soon and I'm NOT looking forward to it. Why can't I be 5 foot 10 and have the metabolism of a race horse? Short is not fun.

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