Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Here We Go Again

We received the call that we were hoping and praying wouldn't come: C was brought here by ambulance because her water broke. She is only 32 weeks along, and they want to do all they can to keep her from delivering for a while yet. I went to see her and she seems to be doing okay--of course, she would rather be home than in the hospital. There really is no more news than that--it is wait-and-see time. The doctor said she very likely will deliver sometime in the next 72 hours, but she could also be in the hospital for 8 weeks before delivering--nothing like getting definitive answers to questions, hey? I will post any news when it comes.


cantellya said...

Oh my! My prayers are with you!
LOL regarding Sunday's post. 'Special K' promises we'll lose up to X amount of pounds in 2 weeks if we replace 2 meals a day with a bowl of their cereal. Yea... How fun is cereal?

cmk said...

Yeah, LOVE the cereal ads! If only it was that easy--or even slightly tasty!

Thanks for your prayers--they are needed.