Monday, September 19, 2005

Just Some Things

Last Friday C was granted full legal and physical custody of the girls from her first marriage. She had petitioned the court a couple of months ago and the case went to mediation--which her ex didn't attend--and then it went to court--which her ex didn't attend. It actually was pretty much a no-brainer all the way--the ex hasn't had any contact with the girls for about 6 months, so the judge didn't have much to think about before making his decision. Even though the girls say they don't feel bad about it, at some point they will feel hurt because he isn't a part of their lives.

C really blew me away yesterday. We were talking and we got around to the topic of the baby. She will have a c-section in two months--providing she can hang on that long. Anyway, I asked her what they will name the baby, and she said Grace. A pretty name and then I asked about the middle name and IT WILL BE THE MOTHER'S! I couldn't say a word. (When I told K, he just gave a little sarcastic chuckle.) So then C back-peddled and said the reason for the name ISN'T to name the baby after The Mother--she wanted one name, her husband wanted another name and they put them together and came up with The Mother's name. Her husband told The Mother the baby will be named after her--and C said she didn't correct the statement. Then C gave a sheepish giggle and that was the end of that. If C only knew the things The Mother has said about her, they would NEVER speak again. (If I told the things The Mother has said about most everyone she knows, she would be mighty lonely, cause she loves to "slice-and-dice" people.) However, I just don't care enough to make The Mother's life miserable--she'll get hers in the end--so I will keep my mouth shut.

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cantellya said...

First, I'm glad to hear about custody going in C's favor.
2nd, I have to commend you for keeping your mouth shut. At first I thought, screw that, I'd tell everyone what she says about her/him! But then I thought, you would really be hurting those people, not the Mother. Proud of you! (And thank you for the lesson! :)