Thursday, November 06, 2008

Another Day

Here I am, just trying to get over my physical and emotional 'issues.' I'm still trying to figure out why I have been feeling so lousy--I NOW have 'stomach' problems going on. Part of the problem COULD be the glucosamine I started taking--I'll find out when I end the samples I was given. I took glucosamine years ago and quit when it didn't seem to help me at all, but the youngest wanted me to try it again. So far, my joints SEEM better, but with me not doing a heck of a lot of moving around these last few days, I wonder if maybe I'm just feeling better because of resting my joints. Oh, well, I only have enough to take me through Saturday, so I will see what happens after that.

As for my emotional 'issues'--I'm trying to move on. I will be doing an awful lot of praying over the next years. And all things happen because they are part of God's plan--that I DO believe and MUST continue to remind myself of.


About two weeks ago, K hurt his knee. He has no idea HOW he hurt it, but he did. Finally, last week he called our PCP and said he needed to be seen. Now, it ISN'T a good thing when a doctor moves your kneecap around and when it begins to 'click' says, "EWWWW!!!," so K was sent for an MRI. This was last Friday. As of today, he hasn't heard from ANY doctor--either our PCP or an orthopedist. Of course, he won't call the doctor's office--after all, the 'guys at work' say it takes a long time for an MRI to be read. (And we all know that the ONLY people who know ANYTHING are the 'guys at work.') He just started on long weekend, so he has a week in which to wait for a call. He is convinced he will need surgery. I just want to have a definitive answer--and SOON.


Our local hockey team is in town for three games, beginning tonight. I'm hoping we will be able to see at least ONE of them. K is very non-committal, so I don't know what to say. I was so surprised to read in the paper that one of the players was traded--actually his jersey was one that we bid on during the auction. I guess I didn't realize that any trades are done on the junior level--these guys are 16-20 years old, so that means most of them are in school of some sort. How hard is it to continue your education if you have the chance of being moved around the country at any time during the school year? I guess it doesn't surprise me that many pros aren't well-educated. But, on the other hand, the juniors are where players go in order to keep their amateur status so that they can play on the college level. It is all very confusing to me.


Over the last few days, we have heard of a couple of deaths of people we knew well. Last week, a guy who graduated a year ahead of us committed suicide--he was from K's hometown. I cannot imagine what sort of demons one has to have in order to think that death is the only solution. I have been in the deepest depths of depression and despair, but I never felt as if death was the answer. I feel so badly for anyone that is hurting so much.

Yesterday, the woman who was our neighbor when I was growing up died--she was 101! The saddest part of her long life was the fact that she not only out-lived her husband, but her only child as well. In the end, she only had a granddaughter and great-grandson left. Oh, and, of course, The Parents as 'good friends.' (puke)

Now comes the waiting--it seems as if deaths come in '3s,' so I am on the watch for the final one. {shudder}


meleah rebeccah said...

Oh Honey! I am sooo sorry you are having a hard time.

As someone who suffers from 'emotional' issues and serious 'stomach' issues, I can assure you that they go hand in hand.

when I am upset, or overly stressed, the first thing to go out of whack is my tummy.

Hang in there. I wish I had better words of advice, but I dont.

Pray. Breathe. and TRY to relax.

cmk said...

I spoke with The Mother's cousin yesterday--you know, the only family member who talks to me :)--and we did come to the same conclusion. I just need to finish 'venting' about last weekend and everything will be fine. Every day finds me feeling a bit better--I am not sleeping constantly and the stomach is healing, so by the end of the month I should be fine. ;)