Saturday, November 15, 2008

A Bunch Of Links

Here are a few links to help waste some time--again, these are from mental_floss.

--Which Way Is She Turning?

Supposedly, this is an IQ test. Whichever direction you see the figure turning will tell you if you are using your right brain or your left--and if you can see it turning in BOTH directions, then you are a genius with an IQ over 160. I'm not too sure I believe this, as I can see it turning both ways--AND I can make it change directions at will. Whatever, it still is quite fascinating.

--Sidewalk Chalk Guy

Here are some pictures of sidewalk art that is not to be believed. To think these are/were destroyed as soon as it rained! The artist is unbelievable! While you can find many sites that showcase his art, here is the official website of Julian Beever, the artist. Lots to see.

--Cake Art

We all have seen some fine examples of decorated cakes, but very few have ever seen cakes such as these. Every bit of each cake is fully edible--amazing. I can't even imagine how much something like this would cost.

And now for two links to posts on List Of The Day:

--Baby Care Tips

While this is very frightening at first glance, it DOES have a lot of black humor to it. Unfortunately, I KNOW some people who might take these suggestions seriously! =:o

--The Museum Of Bad Art

How does that saying go? Something along the lines of "I may not know art, but I DO know what I like." Well, any of these examples couldn't POSSIBLY be considered something that ANYONE could like. I don't know if I want to know how delusional some of the artists were. Here is the website for the Museum of Bad Art--in case you need to see more.


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I am a fan of Mental Floss

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Great, great stuff there! :)