Tuesday, November 18, 2008

If This Isn't Love...

Today we got the call that the birthday gift K ordered for me was in.

I take possession on Tuesday.

And just what is it that K bought for me?

Running boards for the Envoy.

And people say romance is dead! ;)


Cathyhelen said...

For one-Happy Birthday!!! And just so you realize romance isn't dead up here either-for our 30th Anniversary, B got me big mud tires and rims---for HIS 4-wheeler! I did get a new 'wheeler this fall, just for me, no fancy rims and tires, but power steering and a very comfy seat! Farm equipment, ya know!!!

Miss you!

cmk said...

I miss you, too, my dear! We certainly haven't kept in touch like we should, hey?

Thank you for the best wishes. Looks like I will be going out to dinner and a movie on The Day--with a friend, not K. :) He will probably be doing a lot of overtime for the rest of the month and into December, so it will be like I'm single--I just won't be able to date. Glad to hear other husbands think like mine--don't know if this is universal or just a Yooper/Finnish thing. ;)

kristi noser said...

Gotta keeper right there. Happy birthday!

cmk said...


Virginia Belle said...


you are a much different woman than i!!

if CN got me something for my car, he would be in the dog house, for sure!!! LOL

although....i did tell him that if he wanted to surprise me by having my carpets steam cleaned for me one day while i'm at work, he would earn BIG points!

cmk said...

You know my dear, after 35 years of marriage, you take what you can get. ;) However, I have told my husband that he is NEVER allowed to get me anything kitchen-related as a gift. This was a law his mother laid down to his father and I have continued the tradition.