Saturday, November 08, 2008

Links...We Got Links

mental_floss is to be thanked once again--that is where I found these links:

--TWINS? has a great pictorial showing side-by-side pics of celebrities and their 'twins.' They certainly are right-on with most--if not all--of these. I NEVER am able to see these things for myself and admire anyone who can. It is quite funny.

--Vanity Plates

Do any of you have vanity plates? I do, but mine ISN'T pictured. (Sorry, but I DON'T post too much personal info here, so I won't post my vanity plate. If you simply MUST know what it is, send me an email and I will probably tell you privately. :)) Anyway, someone came up with the BRILLIANT idea of starting a blog that posts pictures of vanity plates and it is great. It is now going to be one of my daily stops while I wander around the interweb! Another great read.

--Photo Galleries

If you are the least bit offended at laughing at people, don't look at this. Some of the pictures and comments are a bit mean-spirited--okay, VERY mean-spirited--but every one of us has pictures like these that we hope NEVER see the light of day. While looking through this list, I really prayed that I would not see a picture of myself--I have way too many pics that would have qualified for this post. Anyway, this blog--List of The Day--DOES have quite a bit of funny stuff, so feel free to browse. I'm sure you will find something to laugh at!


meleah rebeccah said...

Mental Floss is almost as funny as Mental Poo.

cmk said...

I am so totally addicted to mental_floss. I read the site every day, I subscribe to the magazine, and I buy the books! Maybe it is that I am a trivia junky, though--gotta think about this one. ;)