Sunday, November 30, 2008

Phone Calls You REALLY Don't Want

As I have said before, my youngest works at a veterinary clinic. These days she mostly is a receptionist and unofficial computer expert. Answering the phone all day long is the best way to get calls that you really don't want to answer--and she has had a few doozies lately.

Upon answering the phone one day, the voice on the other end began talking about turkey blackheads and how to prevent them. Excuse me?!?!?! First, we have cats with acne and now turkeys with blackheads? It turns out the person was NOT asking about acne/blackheads, but a real disease that is called 'blackhead.' Why this couldn't be explained BEFORE A had to go and talk to the vet, I'll never know. It's not as if she deals with LIVESTOCK questions all of the time--the clinic is in the middle of the Twin Cities, for crying out loud!

Then we get the woman who brought her female dog to the park to run around. She was concerned because a male dog mounted the bitch and began to hump to her--the dog, not the woman. ;) The woman was sure it was anal sex and she was worried her dog would be in pain because "it hurts so much the first time." WHY she thought it was anal sex, we will never know for sure, but if she SAW it happen, then she was WAY too close to the action.

And finally, we get the woman who began the phone call by telling A that her daughter has an STD. (NOT something A REALLY needs to know.) Anyway, the woman wanted to know if her dog could catch the STD because it EATS her daughter's underwear. Words fail.

I think receptionists in all offices in this country are some of our unsung heroes. I would say, far too many times, things such as "Are you f***ing crazy?" or "STFU!!!" to a lot of people--and I would be looking for a new job every other day. NOT something I could do.


sue said...

Are these people for REAL???? O.M.G.

cmk said...

If I didn't hear these stories from my own daughter, I don't know if I would believe them. She sure deals with some dandies!