Monday, November 24, 2008

Let's Get Ready To Ramble

Tonight was truly a momentous occasion--24 began a new season! Jack Bauer is back, people! I recorded it so that I can sit back and savor every moment of the show--I have really missed 24. So, are there any other fans who read this blog?


Don't know if I will get a chance to watch 24 anymore tonight--I have a dentist appointment in the AM. Yup, that is like MORNING! I can't believe I actually made an appointment for the morning. Oh, well, it will give us a chance to go shopping after I'm done.


So, shopping. We need a new couch. We also need a new recliner/rocker to replace the one K uses all of the time. But, then, we have needed a new recliner for years BEFORE we bought our last couch, so... Anyway, our couch has busted a spring in the back, so it is time to replace. We replace our couches every 5 years or so, because I refuse to spend too much money on them. Why? you may ask. Well, it is because K spends about half of all of his sleeping hours on the couch, so our couches wind up in very bad shape in very short order. You just CAN'T roll around on a couch all of the time and expect it to hold up, so I won't get an expensive couch for him to ruin. I don't expect this to be too hard of a shopping trip, however. I have decided the color I want and how much I want to spend, so as soon as K says a couch is comfortable enough, I will say, "SOLD!" My biggest problem will be trying to convince him that the recliner needs replacing--THAT will be a job!


I very much enjoy living in a small city and wouldn't want to live elsewhere. One thing that bothers me, though, is our local newspaper. Thank goodness for the internet! Anyway, I was reading our paper today and went looking for the story about the Red Wings' game last night and NOTHING! Absolutely. Nothing. And the reason for this blasphemous thing? The game was a west coast game, so it was still being played when the paper was being printed. Excuse me, but the game WAS done by 1:00 AM! Much, much joy in living in a small city.


For several weeks now, WGN America--the 'superstation' out of Chicago--has been running old TV series on Sunday. WKRP In Cincinnati, Newhart, ALF, and others are shown. It certainly has been fun re-watching these shows. They seem to hold up quite well--I guess that goes to show what quality shows they were in the first place.


I visit the Cute Overload site every day. Today (or was it yesterday?) a video was posted that caused a GREAT amount of negative feedback--along with positive comments. Before you watch this, I must give some info: it is in Spanish, but you DON'T need to understand the language to know what is going on; it is a bit disturbing, in a black-humor sort of way; and it is NOT real--it is a commercial for an Argentinian internet company. The people who HATED this didn't feel as if it was appropriate in any way, shape, or form--and those of us who appreciate warped humor enjoyed it. Watch and see what you think--and you MAY need to watch it a couple of times just to get all of the nuances. (There is NO sex, nudity, violence, or bad language.)


Virginia Belle said...

hey! stopping by to say hello, happy thanksgiving and happy birthday!!!

that video was hilarious. :)

cmk said...

Thanks for the best wishes and I'm happy to see you are amongst those of us with warped senses of humor! :)

meleah rebeccah said...

I cant wait to get home and watch 24. There are no English channels in Mexico!

What is this....Your Birthday? Um! HELLO! When?

Good luck sofa shopping!


cmk said...

Yesterday we did the preliminary wandering around the furniture stores and nothing sat up and slapped me in the face. I guess this may take longer than I anticipated. Damn--I HATE furniture shopping! I like appliances much better. ;)

sue said...

oh, my!