Sunday, May 31, 2009

Police Log

--11:13 PM, suspicious males with buckets

--9:42 AM, small white dog at large chasing people

--11:24 AM, found items in back yard

--1:05 AM, male subject on porch, subject looking for his dog at the wrong house

--11:51 AM, snow blower found in front of residence, returned to proper house

--6:10 PM, suspicious situation involving suspicious package containing pictures and letters

--10:50 AM, suspicious man drinking from container in paper bag

--3:44 PM, animal in chimney

--8:24 PM, report of a drunken male in an alley with his pants down

--11 PM, loud bang heard at the north end of the building

--3 AM, semi running with lights on, unloading sod for new condos

(As usual, all of these happened over a period of several days.)


kristi noser said...

Oh my stars these reports kill me. Semi idling while unloading sod? Really? Oh yeah, that's worthy of a police call.
Oh, and the suspicious man drinking out of a paer bag? That one probably was the lady's husband and she was pissed that he was drinking again so she "anonymously" called him in.

cmk said...

Life in a small town--and I LOVE it!!! :)