Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Crabby Today

If you want to know how to make me crabby, wonder no longer. Here it is: make it 70 degrees or warmer. And if you want to put me over the edge, make me go out shopping, too. I'm sure I wouldn't mind the warm temps if I could wear little halter tops and shorts that are so non-existent that my ass eats them, but that ship has sailed. So, I have to cover up the top 2/3 of my arms and most of my legs--otherwise, I would be arrested for endangering the eyesight of those who might look at me. So, warm weather and shopping do not make me happy. And, dammit, I HAVE to be happy: THE WINGS WON!!! (HAD to repeat that! :))


The company that K works for has this big environmental thing that they are doing. (I don't pay much attention--just as long as it doesn't affect K's job.) One thing they have done is put peregrine falcon nesting boxes on the smokestacks of several of their power plants. They have installed web-cameras so that people can see what is going on. Of course, our local plant doesn't have a nesting female--yet, anyway--but several of the others do. One of the nests has two babies that hatched a week or two ago. And now we get to the reason for me even mentioning this: the picture. Here is a pic taken today of the babies and mama.

The next time there is a nice picture of mama--with or without the babies--I will post it. They are beautiful birds. Every once in awhile, both adult birds are in the box. I am just assuming that every time there is only one adult, that it is mama. I could be wrong!

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Burg said...

Ha! I get really unbearable when I'm hot too..