Thursday, May 24, 2007

Heat, Kittens, Pregnancy...AND a Little Hockey

Damn but is it hot! This is the third day we have had temps in the 80s and I am not a happy camper. I am hot--in more ways than one. K came home from work early yesterday to put in at least one of the a/c units--we have three--and I will give you three guesses as to how many he took care of. And your first two guesses don't count. You got it, he didn't put in any. We are well on the way to a record temp for the day--something that thrills me to no end. At least I have tomorrow to look forward to: temps are supposed to be in the 60s and continue that way for the next week! Happy days for me.


Youngest daughter called last night and she is caring for a foster kitten. She CLAIMS she is only babysitting for a friend who is a foster 'mother' and I hope she is telling the truth. She has three cats and two dogs already--she doesn't need any more animals. The two older cats ignore the kitten, as does the male dog. The female dog thinks the kitten is her baby--wants to constantly be cleaning and taking care of and protecting it. Which is a little disquieting as the dog weighs at least 60 pounds and the kitten is only the size of a normal cat's head! And the youngest cat can't even be within eyesight of the kitten and she is hissing. Not surprising as she is IS the baby of the household and now this CREATURE has come in and usurped her territory. Well, at least my youngest now has a taste of what sibling rivalry is like for when she has kids.


Well, the youngest is officially trying to get pregnant. This MAY be a hard battle for her as she suffers from polycystic ovarian syndrome. Yup, her sister is able to get pregnant just by thinking about it and now youngest will have to go through all of the tests, etc, in order to have kids. Life can be so cruel.


Oldest gets to see her doctor on Friday for her first OB visit of this pregnancy. I hope he has nothing but good news for her.


Last night was the season finale of Lost--I have watched the finales of 24, Veronica Mars, Heroes, and Supernatural. What else...can't think as they all start running together after awhile. Right now, I'm kind of TV'd out, so I don't have much to say about the finales. I am on the fence as to if I will be watching some of them come fall. Have to wait and see.


I just finished reading all of the books in the Hannibal Lecter series. After reading four books of his exploits, I am definitely in the need of some light summertime books. I think first on my list will be Hitchhiker's Guide to the Universe and all of the sequels. The stories just make me laugh. And Janet Evanovich has the next book in the Stephanie Plum series coming out in a month or so, so I will be happy to get my hands on that one. Might be a good summer of reading.


Just got an email from Barnes & Noble with a 15% coupon good on the highest priced item in my shopping cart. Hmmm, might HAVE to get the third season of Farscape. I wish they would put the series on sale once in awhile--it probably is the highest priced series I have ever seen at over $100 per season! Well, that overtime money has to go SOMEWHERE, might as well be B&N! :)


Two days after the last game the Wings played and all of the 'experts' are out talking about next year. Granted, Ken Holland has it on his mind all of the time, but geez. And I can only add my two cents worth.

--I do believe I have to get on the bandwagon and say: get rid of Lang! They pay him way too much for what he does--or doesn't do--on the ice. At $3.8mil a year, he should be producing MUCH more. His time has passed, let him go.

--Hasek. What the hell can you say about a 42-year-old goalie? Especially one who plays as well as he does? This year he was healthy, but last year he only played 43 games. How long can his groin hold out? A VERY tough call. Maybe it's time for the Wings to get a 'young'un' up to speed in the net--but if they want another good run at the Cup next year, they might need to keep Hasek. Hmmm.

--Thank goodness they locked up Datsyuk and Holmstrom and Zetterberg won't be up for renewal for another year or two. I still think Lidstrom will retire as a Wing, so they don't have to worry about him for a couple of more years. But at 37-years-old, he might not be around much longer. After all, EVERYONE can't be playing at the level Chelios is at 45!

--Bertuzzi is another question mark. I would say, if he doesn't want too much, sign him. He wasn't back 100% after his back surgery and I think he could be a big asset next year. It all depends on what he might want--and if he can fully heal. $5mil is way too much, though.

--Then there is Schneider. Is he worth a substantial increase in his current +$3mil? Hard to say. I think a lot depends on who else they might want to pick up.

--At least I don't have to worry about my 'baby boy' for a while. He won't be a free agent for a few years, at least. He showed some of what he is made of during the season and especially during the playoffs, so I think the Wings will do all in their power to keep him on the roster when the time comes. I still think people will definitely have to learn how to pronounce the name Valterri Filppula in the years to come. He WILL be a star. And, hopefully, a star for the Red Wings!


Jan said...

Would gladly swop your weather for mine, 80s all year round would suit me nicely thank you!

I nearly had a heart attack when you mentioned Lost, thank goodness you didn't say what happened, we don't get to see the finale till Sunday! I would have killed you if you'd given anything away, I have to stay off the forums till then as some folk download your ABC episodes over here. :)

cmk said...

Glad you reminded me about giving away any spoilers! I HAVE to remember and post 'SPOILER ALERT' if I ever get into posting about a program. But, I usually have to worry about reading other spoilers, as I 'time-shift' all of the programs I watch. The only things I watch in 'real' time are the news and hockey. So, I DEFINITELY know what you mean about not wanting to know ahead of time. Again, thanks for the reminder. :)

Burg said...

The dog is actually only giving the kitten the "popsicle treatment."

I hope your youngest gets preggers soon.. I'm sure glad that I don't get pregnant by just thinking about it.. LOL

I can't resist B&N coupons.. I hope they send me something in time for the new Harry Potter book...

cmk said...

'Popsicle treatment'--I like that!

I DIDN'T resist the B&N coupon--my order is being packed as I write. :) I would hope they send a Harry Potter one--haven't they with all the rest? Hard for me to remember.

Doug Bagley said...

I have to admit, I prefer the heat over the cold. We get down to 60 degrees and we whine and moan and swear we're going to move to the Bahamas.

leazwell said...

Heat makes me cranky, too. I don't mind working in it but I expect a reprieve from it when I'm inside. Gee, we're spoiled.

cmk said...

doug: I have a friend that sounds just like that--only SHE lives in Wisconsin AND was born and raised next door to me. I guess you can get used to anything--even heat. :)

leazwell: As I have said before, my idea of a perfect day is this: leave my air conditioned house, go into my air conditioned vehicle, drive to an air conditioned store, and return to my air conditioned house. Heaven! :)