Thursday, May 17, 2007

Why Do I Blog?

So, burg tagged me with a meme: Why Do I Blog? I am supposed to list five reasons and then tag five people to do the same. As usual, I won't tag anyone--just invite anyone who wants, to participate!

1) I need to talk. If I had enough people to talk to during the day, I probably wouldn't blog, but since I am a stay-at-home, I don't talk to that many people on a daily basis. Thus, I blog and read other people's blogs.

2) I have always wanted to write. While I have thought--in the past--that I am a decent writer, I now realize I am just passable. With all of the really good writers I read every day, I don't feel as if I measure up. But, still, I try.

3) Sometimes, I just have things that I have to say. And this can be broken down into two different things: a need to express oneself and a need to say something. Expressing yourself implies a creative, artistic endeavor. Needing to say something is much more basic: like NEEDING to say what my true feelings about Oprah are.

4) I have many years of stories and wisdom--real or imagined on my part :)--that I want to pass on. When I write things in this blog, there is always a chance that someone, somewhere, might take away something useful from reading it. I have always felt--whether through this blog or in my personal life--if only one person in the world remembers me as someone who helped, then I would have lived my life well.

5) There really is no other outlet for my eclectic thoughts. I have no one else to listen to me talk about hockey, Eric Clapton, funny commercials, bad TV shows, good books, lousy celebrities, pet peeves, bad jokes, computers, etc., so I come here and let loose. So, if you are entertained or if you are bored, what you see is what you get. And tomorrow's post/s will probably be much different than today's.

And because I don't want to steal one of burg's 5, I will add one more reason for me to blog and that is because of all of the people who come here. I appreciate every one of you and every comment that is left. I am grateful for the support that is given when things are not going so well and the happiness that is shared when all is right with my world. Without all of you, I would be a very lonely blogger!


Anonymous said...

Being at home all day, too, I do miss conversation but I am not a phone junkie. Blogging has sort of taken the place of journaling although I reveal much less!

Burg said...

Good reasons.. :)

cmk said...

leazwell: Blogging has taken the place of journaling for me, too. I really started writing a lot when I was in therapy--it helped me so much to sort out my feelings about things! I think I don't write as much in my blog as I used to in my journal--I guess I feel as if others wouldn't find my inner feelings and 'beasts' as interesting as I do. And, I need to keep some things semi-private in case this blog is 'found' by some people. :)

burg: Thanks! :)