Monday, May 14, 2007

Really, I'm NOT A Sore Loser, But...

For quite a while now, the message boards have had comment after comment about how 'they' don't want Detroit to be a powerhouse team and do any more winning. After all, Detroit has won so many Cups and have been so dominant during regular season play for so long, that other teams just don't get the chance. Sooooo, Detroit has to be punished any way possible. Let's see, how about if we place a salary cap! That will cut Detroit's payroll by 50% and they won't be able to get the quality players they are known for! And, let's make sure Detroit gets left in the Western Conference and has to do all of those long road trips--games starting on the west coast at a time when they would normally be ending in the east. Is this the way 'they' have been thinking? I always thought this was a load of hogwash--to a certain extent. I DO think the powers that be would like to see the glory spread around a little more among the teams. But, despite what has happened to be a negative for Detroit, they still have prevailed and are now in the semi-finals for the Cup.

That all being said, I DO believe the Wings got robbed of a win tonight. Even though I don't believe the first reviewed goal should have counted--the ref NEVER should have let the play continue as long as he did without blowing his whistle--I'll let them have it. Fine. But the second reviewed goal NEVER should have counted. Whether you think the whistle blew before the puck 'crossed' the line or you think Hasek was pushed into the net, THAT. GOAL. SHOULD. NOT. HAVE. COUNTED!!!!! The Wings would have won, there would have been no overtime, and they would be leading in the series 2-0.

All in all, this was only one game. Now it is on to Anaheim--where the Wings can take at least one on the Ducks home ice and then come back and finish them off. I still am a believer!

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